By applying to our market, you're agreeing to take an active role in promoting and marketing the event to your friends, family, fans, and neighborhood through email blasting, word of mouth, Facebook posts, Tweets, and passing out flyers. What you need to know: once accepted, you will be charged $325 for your 8' X 8' booth space. This fee guarantees your space, an 8' table, a chair, and Wi-Fi access.

When is the Merry Market?

Public dates & times for the Market are Saturday, December 10, 9-7pm, and Sunday, December 11, 10-6pm. All accepted Vendors will be required to be set up and will be given a quantity of tickets to pass out to their family, friends, best customers, etc. In addition, The Detroit Mercantile Co. will supplement the guest list from our customer list. This event plans to offer shoppers valet parking, catered appetizers, holiday beverages, gift wrapping, entertainment, and a holiday photo booth.

How do I become a Vendor?

Applications are open to the public. We look at various components when we jury, including quality, diversity, fan's demands, price range, etc.

I've been a Vendor at the Merry Market before. Besides, I am a friend of Robert, Kimmy, Birdie, Nellie, or Jodie or another mercantile co-proprietor. Do you still need to see pictures?

Yes. While we love our crafty friends, and know many of you very well, there will be people on the Vendor jury that may not. In the spirit of total transparency and impartiality, we need to treat all applying Vendors equally.

Can I apply to share a booth with a friend?

Sure, but you each need to fill out the application separately, and will be juried separately. If both of you are accepted, we'll make split booth payment arrangements with you. If one of you is accepted, but the other isn't, we will offer you a space of your own, or try and match you up with another shared booth partner. Please email with the business name of your desired booth share after you've finished applying.

I've been a Vendor at The Merry Market before. Do I still need to fill out the application?

Yep! We love all our past Vendors but each show is a new show and we need to treat all potential Vendors equally. Besides, we are sure you have some great new stuff to share with us and we can't wait to see it!

What do you mean when you say the Merry Market is a juried show? How do you pick who gets in?

Part of what makes the Merry Market a successful show is the careful selection of Vendors we think will create the a balanced and quality show. We make decisions based on originality, aesthetic, marketability, general appeal, price range, etc. We also consider the variety of the show overall, making sure that we don't have too many similar items or Vendors.

How will I know if I get in or not?

All accepted Vendors will be notified via email. We will also post a "Vendor list" Online, and announce the posting on Facebook. If your name is not on the Vendor list, it's not because we didn't like your work, we simply didn't think it would be a good fit with the other Vendors. We certainly encourage you to apply to our future events.

If I don't get in, will you tell me why?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, we can't give specific feedback to each person. When time permits, we will respond to respectful inquiries from applicants with details as best we can. Aside from a booth space.

Aside from a booth space, what perks do I receive for being a Vendor at The Merry Market?

The Merry Market Vendors will gain exposure to thousands of potential fans and shoppers. Vendors will have their business name, logo and website listed on the Merry Market Vendors page for approximately six months, and archived on our Past Vendors page for the foreseeable future. Vendors will also be featured in Facebook and Twitter posts. In addition, Vendor names and/or logos will be featured on all advertising materials — including full page ads in The Metro Times, online banner ads, and show cards and posters around the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Are there any restrictions for Vendor booths?

We want our Vendors to have the most unique and attractive booths as possible, but there are few limitations:

What are the fees and costs involved in the show?

Booth Fee: $325 per 8' x 8' booth. (Includes one 8' table and one folding chair). Processing Fee: $10, paid when you applied. Additional/optional costs may include: Additional tables: $10 apiece (if requested), chairs: $5 apiece, prop/furniture rental from our collection: cost varies.

What is your refund policy?

Once you have been accepted and your booth fee collected,we do not offer refunds. Please make sure you will be able to participate in the Merry Market before you apply.

Can I rent additional tables and chairs?

Upon approval, all Vendors will be given the opportunity to order additional materials for their booth — including tables, chairs, and electrical service.

What are the load in / load out times?

Accepted Vendors will be notified of the exact times closer to the event. However, we anticipate the load in / load out times being the following:
Load In:
Friday, December 9, 6PM-Midnight
Load Out:
Sunday, December 11, 6PM-10PM

Vendors should bring any equipment needed for load in (hand carts, dollies, etc.) or tools required. Due to the large amount of traffic on load in days, The Detroit Mercantile Co.will NOT be able to assist with loading.
We apologize, but we cannot offer storage of any booth materials or merchandise after the load-out deadline. If you're experiencing an emergency we will definitely do all possible to help, but please plan to empty your space completely on Sunday evening

Additional Vendor Guidelines

I've read all the Guidelines, but my question isn't here. What should I do?

Double check the Guidelines, and if you still can't find your answer, go ahead and email